How much does Video Production cost?

  If you approach a video production company to get a quote, you probably won’t get a number upfront because of the sheer number of variables in video production. Unlike other one-size-fits-all services, video production is a very personalized and tailored service but...

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Remote Video Production in Singapore

  Over the course of our work we have come across many requests. Since the COVID Outbreak, we found an increasing demand in Remote Video Production and I hear you ask, what's that?! To put it simply, Remote Video Production allows you, the end client to supervise and...

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Comparison: Webinar and Conference Platforms

  A client of ours gave me a call last night and asked for suggestions on what platform to use for her upcoming webinar. The first platform off my mind was Zoom - it is ubiquitous now and specifically made for such purposes except for one problem, the free account on...

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[VIDEO] How to setup a Livestream?

    With most of the world's population staying at home, live-streaming is the next best solution for people to meet and interact online - whether it's for an online seminar, gaming, product launches, auctions, I'm sure we have all seen some of these livestreams...

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What kind of videos do you need?

  We all know that video content is effective and important in the current social media era, but what kind of videos do you need? Well, if you have an unlimited budget, sure you can go ahead and do everything but unfortunately, most of us do not. In my experience as a...

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Create your own content easily (for free)

  Hello friends, Have you applied any of the tips we shared last week? Hopefully, your social media pages are more alive now. This week we are going to discuss the tools that we can use to quickly create content without spending big money (or at all). Let’s jump right...

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Repurposing old content & materials

Hope everyone is healthy and safe during this difficult time. Our minister just announced new border control measures earlier this week so it looks like the situation is not getting better.  Today I’m going to share with you on how you can repurpose your existing...

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COVID-19: What can we do?

The Covid-19 situation is getting worse and I'm sure it has impacted your business in one way or another. We know because we are a fellow SME too. Here are some tips on what you can do during this difficult time. 1. Review your processes. This is a good time to review...

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